Hi there. Nice to meet you.

I'm a leader, designer, podcaster, and Canadian expat. I'm known for my positive attitude, the ability to create and ship products, and for keeping colleagues unstuck.

Matthew Anderson 👋

I have 24 years of experience across multiple disciplines including leadership, product design, product management, and front-end development.

My Interests

I prioritize opportunities to work on things that uplift and empower people. I love using design and technology to bring things to life. I'm passionate about design systems, emerging technologies, team building, and mentorship. I care deeply about video games, music, politics, healthcare, education, and hockey.

Ideally, I'm working on a magical combination of the above.

A Brief History

As VP of Product at Onehub I built a profitable business, beloved products, and a happy team. Prior to that, I worked at Likewise where I established their web presence which led to a successful exit. I ran a freelance design company for a decade. I co-host a podcast about video games called Chips & Bits.

As a Leader

A steady beacon gently guiding people towards a successful completion of whatever the task may be.

Chris Albrecht

I put people first, build harmonious relationships, and lead with empathy. My leadership style has been described as a "unique brand of radical candor". I am accountable for every aspect of growing a business, creating and leading effective teams, and cultivating meaningful ethos. I enable with trust and guide with inspiration. I foster thoughtfulness and transparency amongst my teams. I am always mentoring.

As a Designer

One of the most influential figures in my design career and the most technical designer I know.

Karsten Rowe

I'm a pragmatic craftsman who loves to ship. A full stack designer, I am constantly learning and trying new things. I am responsible for every aspect of designing, building, and maintaining large-scale products. I advocate for web standards and accessibility. I work mobile-first with a responsive mindset. I obsess over tiny details, nudging closer to perfection with each version I release to the world.

This Site

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