Onehub – large screenshot

Onehub is a file storage and sharing service.

I joined Onehub in 2007 as the founding product designer. I built a profitable business, beloved products, and a happy team. Here are a few of the things that I am most proud of.


  • Product Manager
  • Principal Designer
  • Front-End Developer

Files are a critical feature in Onehub and my primary goal was to showcase the power of the role-based permission system. I designed an interface that adapts to changes in permission levels with expanding and collapsing interface elements. This resulted in a consistent experience for every customer.

Onehub – toolbar buttons screenshot
Toolbar buttons at varying permission levels.
Onehub – item actions screenshot
Item actions at varying permission levels.
Onehub – sidebar actions screenshot
Sidebar actions at varying permission levels.

Two-Factor Authentication

  • Product Manager
  • Creative Director
  • Front-End Developer

Security and privacy are pillars of Onehub's product strategy. I worked backwards from the enrollee experience, and directed the creation of a 2FA solution that is easy to enroll in, requires no backup codes, and can be optionally enforced at the account level with graceful sign up windows.

iOS App

  • Product Manager
  • Principal Designer

I designed Onehub for iOS, evolving the app through multiple feature launches and across multiple versions of iOS. I managed a remote team of iOS developers for each version. The app is used by half of Onehub customers and supports every current iOS device.

Onehub – all iOS versions graphic
Onehub for iOS 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0.


  • Product Manager
  • Principal Designer
  • Front-End Developer

I built the first six versions of the Onehub website. The site serves as the main driver of discovery and sales. Any changes to the site that modify sign up paths are governed by A/B testing. The site is also tightly coupled to search engine marketing efforts. The sign up process can be modified, depending on which marketing campaign brought you to the website.

Onehub – website versions graphic
A selection of major Onehub website versions.

Living Styleguide

  • Product Manager
  • Principal Designer
  • Front-End Developer

A living styleguide served as the backbone of the Onehub Design System. The styleguide was generated from a custom, modular SCSS framework documented with KSS. Originating in code, the styleguide was always up-to-date and brought the entire Product team into the design process.

Company Reviews

  • Leader

I spearheaded and implemented company reviews. After interviewing the entire team, it was clear everyone wanted to have reviews which were:

  • Convenient
  • Insightful
  • Inclusive

After brainstorming and researching dozens of modern implementations, I settled on a modified version of the Stop-Start-Continue process, popularized by Netflix. I combined this with self-selected peer reviews and 360° feedback.

The result is a company review policy that is still in use today and enjoyed by employees. The review forms facilitate timely but thoughtful reviews and the 360° feedback catalyzed meaningful cultural changes along the way.