Proof - large screenshot

Proof is a gesture-based photo organizer for iOS that helps you curate your photos. Currently in beta.

Remember when we used to curate our photos into albums? I was tired of relying on generated albums and buying extra cloud storage for photos that belong in the trash. In 2018, I started working on Proof in my spare time to solve these problems.

iOS App

  • Principal Designer

The app was designed to showcase your photos with minimal interface and colors. The UI is mainly blacks and whites, with a hint of gold for a high class feel. The interaction is driven by learnable gestures.


  • Principal Designer

I needed the logo to be useful in multiple scenarios including websites, launch images, and app icons. I designed a logo that is recognizable as a letterform, evokes a curated photo grid, and pairs well with a minimal UI.

Proof - logos graphic
The Proof logo as a launch image and app icon.