R8R - large screenshot

R8R lets you keep track of your opinions on anything using a simple 5-star rating system.

In 2014, I decided to take a simple idea and learn how to develop an iOS app. My goal was to familiarize myself with exactly what was possible when developing an iOS app in order to further inform my designs.

iOS App

  • Principal Designer
  • Developer

The app was designed to get out of your way and make rating new things as fast as possible. The app state remembers the last collection you were in so, in most situations, adding a new rating takes just four taps and a name.


  • Principal Designer

I needed the logo to be useful in multiple scenarios including websites, launch images, and app icons. I designed an increasing grid of stars to convey the purpose of the app. The added gradient instills a feeling of movement from top to bottom.

R8R - logos graphic
The R8R logo as a launch image and app icon.